NCD Water and Land Management Project

In 2014, with support from UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme, NCD embarked on implementing a 2 year project aimed at equipping communities in Sironko district with knowledge, skills and technology to sustainably manage water and land resources in order to reduce the impacts of climate change and increasing resilience to future impacts by supporting communities to improve land and water management to increase agricultural production; adopt environmentally friendly agricultural practices to equitably use the available water resources, minimize land degradation and increase agricultural production; promote energy efficiency, use of improved cook stoves; and support establishment of sustainable agricultural enterprises through a communal revolving fund.

The project provided community members with 6 water irrigating pumps, supporting 223 farmers access unsecured agricultural loans, trained 83 community members in sustainable agricultural practices, trained 29 women in making energy efficient stoves, supported 46 farmers with seeds all of which are aimed at improving their resilience to the impacts of climate change.

As a result, 543 community members were sensitized on patients’ rights and responsibilities, monitoring of drug stock outs, mama kits and health worker absenteeism and 100 % of all mothers attending ANC received free Mama Kits.

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