Strengthening the Right to Education in Sironko.

With financial support from Independent Development Fund-IDF, NCD is implementing a 2 year project entitled “Strengthening the Right to Education in Sironko” in which 30 children from 10 schools in Sironko district are engaged in monitoring the implementation of the UPE program.

This involves monitoring UPE inputs, processes and outputs. As part of this process the children track UPE funding and factors that affect quality of the program. This program was intended to demonstrate that children are not and should not merely be objects of program delivery in the UPE program but that with support, they can participate in monitoring its delivery and raise issues of significance to its development; thereby adding value to Education policy development.

The project trained 24 community resource persons who raise awareness on the need to promote the right to education.120 parents have been trained and formed self help groups to promote children’s right to education. The project worked hand in hand with key actors such as district officials, teachers, parents who are key in influencing the right to education.

The project increased awareness on the roles of stake holders in the UPE programme. Before implementation of this project, teachers who were presumed to know their role in the UPE programme reported that they had not had access to the policy. The project has availed all teachers in the targeted schools with this policy thus increasing access.

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