Menstrual Hygiene Enhancement for Education

In Sironko, more than 80% of Primary school going children who have reached puberty don’t use appropriate sanitary ware and as a result they have no option but to use rags, toilet paper, newspaper, leaves, and disposable nappies. These unhygienic materials can cause serious health problems for girls. Bad health has consequences for them in terms of productivity, dignity and confidence in being an active member of society. Unfortunately, menstruation’s ripple effect is that young girls are forced to drop out of school.

In 2015, with financial support from The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice NCD embarked on implementing a project entitled “Menstrual Hygiene Enhancement for Education” in which children, parents and teachers from (Budadiri Girls P/S, Buhugu P/S, Busiita P/S and Kirali P/S) in Sironko district were equipped with knowledge and skills on Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Here 80 pupils, 22 parents and 8 teachers were trained on menstrual hygiene management and making reusable pads. 4 schools were provided with materials to retrain other pupils in making reusable pads. As a result, 612 children are more knowledgeable about menstruation.

To date there is a reduction in pupil absenteeism as a result of menstruation, increase in knowledge among parents on their role in educating children on menstruation.

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