Health Advocacy Initiative

Uganda has high maternal mortality rates, which is often reflective of access to health care services. Ugandan women seek to handle birth on their own as it is a time when they can use their own power and make their own decisions leading to high maternal mortality rate. in a move to address this challenge, In 2013, with support from Akiiba Uhaki Foundation, NCD implemented a 9 months project entitled Health Advocacy Intuitive aimed at contributing to equitable access to quality maternal health care services among women in Sironko District.

The project targeted both male and female community members who seek health services at Buwasa and Budadiri Health Centre IV. Community members were trained as Health Advocates in order to monitor health service delivery at the health centre. In addition, health centre advocacy meetings, citizen report cards, constructive dialogues, talk shows and feedback meetings were held at improving maternal health service delivery.

As a result, 543 community members were sensitized on patients’ rights and responsibilities, monitoring of drug stock outs, mama kits and health worker absenteeism and 100 % of all mothers attending ANC received free Mama Kits.

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