Adolescent, Maternal and Child Health

Under this program, NCD focuses on ensuring adolescent, maternal and child health, HIV and Malaria prevention and response. We promote safe motherhood initiatives and strengthen the capacity of communities to demand for services and accountability from Maternal and Child Health duty bearers. As a result of this approach, we are able to; promote access to family planning services so as to reduce unplanned pregnancies and improve the health mothers and their children with a strong emphasis on the need to eliminate the 3 delays.

In our strategy, we also empower adolescents with sexual and reproductive health information, education and services to enable them make informed decisions.

NCD also through its HIV and Malaria prevention and response program works with communities and other actors in implementing actions aimed at preventing and reducing the impact of the HIV and Malaria. We promote behavior change strategies, distribute insecticide treated mosquito nets, promote access to HCT services, do referrals for other services, care and support providers.

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