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Network for Community Development (NCD) Uganda was founded in 2007, as a Non Governmental Organization (S.5914.8016) dedicated to improving lives through providing appropriate training, management and evaluation of community based development programmes, undertaking participatory research and networking with various partners.

Our Program areas


Adolescent, Maternal and Child Health

Under this program, NCD focuses on ensuring adolescent, maternal and child health, HIV and Malaria prevention and response.


Gender Based Violence

At NCD our focus is zero tolerance to gender-based violence with a focus on addressing violence against children and women.


Environment Water and Sanitation

At NCD, we work with communities to promote approaches aimed at sustainable land management.



Under this program area, we work towards ensuring that people in need increase their incomes for self sustenance.

What we do

Uganda has made considerable progress in improving the quality of primary education through introducing Universal Primary Education (UPE), however, the cultural set up of Bugisu has increasingly contributed to (GBV), child abuse, early marriages and school dropout directly impacting on education . Read More

The Universal Primary Education (UPE) program was launched in Uganda in 1997 with a view of enabling all children of school going age to get an opportunity to attend primary school and to ensure that all Ugandan citizens can read and write by the year 2015.Eighteen years down the road, Mityana district is battling to better the quality of UPE amidst difficulties that make the teaching and learning environment very un-conducive. Read More.

NCD with support from Albertine Rift Conservation Society -ARCOS is implementing a project titled Strengthening Community Watershed Management in Uganda in Buhugu and Busulani Sub County whose goal is to promote community approaches for improved watershed management and livelihoods of communities in Sironko District.. Read More

Uganda has high maternal mortality rates, which is often reflective of access to health care services. Ugandan women seek to handle birth on their own as it is a time when they can use their own power and make their own decisions leading to high maternal mortality rate. in a move to address this challenge, Read more

In Sironko, more than 80% of Primary school going children who have reached puberty don’t use appropriate sanitary ware and as a result they have no option but to use rags, toilet paper, newspaper, leaves, and disposable nappies. Read more

In 2014, with support from UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme, NCD embarked on implementing a 2 year project aimed at equipping communities in Sironko district with knowledge, skills and technology to sustainably manage water and land resources. Read more

Our Donors

United Nations Development Fund(UNDP)
Akiiba Uhaki Foundation
Amplify Change
USAID/UKAID – Governance Accountability Participation Program
Twaweza / Uwezo Uganda

our beneficiaries say


"When I started my periods I was using a T-shirt, I would not come to school, I stayed at home until I finished my period....


Since attending the NCD training I am comfortable, I can sit without fear and I am not absent from school which I used to miss whenever I started my periods"


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